Facilities at Busy Rascals

The Queensbury

Disabled access

There is disabled access at The Queensbury for wheelchairs and prams. To access the venue via this entrance please follow the directions below:

1. Walk up part of the driveway on the right hand side of the venue.

2. Stop where the open barriers are just before the car parking hut is.

3. Walk through the little gate on the left and go past the main pub entrance. Do not enter this entrance here.

4. There is a path on the left hand side of the venue. This leads to the side entrance.

5. Walk up this path and then go through the first side entrance door on the right.

Baby changing facilities

These can be found in the disabled toilets. We keep a few spare nappies of various sizes in the disabled toilets in case of emergencies for those who need it. We operate on a honesty policy and we kindly ask that should parents or carers require the use of any nappies we have provided, that they then replace them on their next visit for others who find themselves in similar situations.

Maple Walk School

Disabled access

There is disabled access at the front of the school building.

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