House Rules


Welcome to Busy Rascals and thank you for coming! We hope you enjoyed your session with us. Busy Rascals is a community project which offers a variety of classes, events and ad-hoc workshops to aid development and knowledge and aims to provide a support network for parents and carers. Please check our website and Facebook page for details of all of our classes, events and workshops we offer for the local community.

We use The Queensbury as a community space in the mornings for our classes and events. Parents and carers are welcome to stay behind after the classes to have refreshments. We kindly ask Busy Rascals users to leave the venue how they found it. The Queensbury serves a selection of teas and coffees and cold drinks and these are available to purchase before, during and after your class. Please note that as The Queensbury is an independent drinking and eating establishment which relies on local trade, outside food and drinks are not permitted in the venue (with the exception of baby food and milk).

As The Queensbury opens to the public at 11.30am, there is no service approximately 11.10am-11.35am whilst the staff are setting up the dining area that we use for classes for lunchtime trade. Therefore, any drinks orders will need to be taken either before or after this time. Food can be ordered from 11.30am.

Nappy changing facilities are available in the disabled toilets for parents and carers to use. If you find the disabled door locked, please do ask a member of staff to unlock it for you.

We respectfully ask that as the venue is an eating and drinking venue, that parents and carers not change nappies (or have their child use potties) anywhere else in the establishment apart from the toilets or nappy changing facilities provided for health and safety reasons.

We ask that users respectfully adhere to these requests to ensure the smooth running of our community project. Thank you for your cooperation, patience and understanding.

Sharmine from Busy Rascals


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